Female Falcons Fan Confronts Panther Fan by Shaking Her Ass (Video)

female falcons fan

Give credit to this female Falcons fan. Her team may have gotten smoked and removed from playoff contention with a horrible loss to the Carolina Panthers on Sunday, but she never sacrificed her team pride. SHE NEVER SACRIFICED HER TEAM PRIDE.

While this girl was struttin’ her stuff to U2’s “Desire,” her man-friend got into a war of words with a Panthers fan. The situation simmered, leaving us with footage of this girl explaining how the animal kingdom works, and continuing to shake her ass.

It’s all pretty great, and probably the high point of the Falcons’ day, if not their season. Watch the female Falcons fan in action:

The real MVP of this video is the middle-finger giving boyfriend. Man. What a world-beater that guy looks like. Take every stereotype that keeps people from attending live NFL games, roll it into a ball, and you’d get this guy.

She’s too good for him. She should get a fresh start teaching zoology at a community college or something.


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