Miami Heat Unveiled LeBron James Video Tribute against Cavs on Xmas

lebron james video tribute

It was pretty magnanimous of the Miami Heat to present a LeBron James video tribute during their Christmas day contest against the Cavs. I mean, it’s normal for teams to get a little miffed when their star player leaves for greener (or in Cleveland’s case, snowier) pastures. But I suppose that the Heat had a little less to be upset about than his previous team did when leaving.

So, the Heat, feeling good about King James’ legacy, offered up a LeBron James video tribute when he came back to town with the Cleveland Cavaliers on Xmas Day.

Here’s the video. Nothing snippy, nothing snarky. Just a nice “Thanks for the memories.” Enjoy:

A nice gesture from a fan base that has been accused of being short-sighted and a little flaky. This effort certainly runs contrary to any of those accusations. Nice work on saying goodbye to a legend-in-the-making, and a nice demonstration that a player doesn’t owe a city anything other than his best efforts while he’s there.



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