Patrick Kaleta Punched Himself During a Very Clumsy Hockey Fight (Video)

Patrick Kaleta Punched Himself

Sure, we’re gonna talk about how Patrick Kaleta punched himself during a fight in the Buffalo-Ottawa game. But we could just as easily talk about how Jared Cowen couldn’t even land a punch to his own face. He looked like a cut-rate stuntman from a 1970’s action film. Patrick Kaleta punched himself, but only came across as slightly less of a spazz than the other guy.

Anyway, about the fight itself…What you see is kinda what you get. It’s really funny to watch, especially in slow motion.

WhyyahittinyourselfPatrick? WhyyahittinyourselfPatrick?WhyyahittinyourselfPatrick?

And can someone please get these refs some popcorn. They had great seats for this abortion of a hockey fight.

I suppose you’re wondering who won this fight.

In fights like these, it’s the audience that wins.

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