WVU Kicker Hit in the Junk During Block Attempt (Video)

WVU kicker

Sure, this is a funny headline, and we all want to see this WVU kicker get his junk smashed by a lunging defensive player, but that will have to wait. Because there’s a lot of athleticism here in this clip.

A Texas A&M player just lunges freakishly to get a piece of this field goal attempt. It looks like he was about 3/10ths of a second too late, but still, that’s an impressive effort.

Also, the kicker. It’s easy to make fun of kickers, but this WVU kicker, Josh Lambert, is SUPER extended on this thing, even by kicker standards. He was 3-3 on the day and knocked one down from 31 yards after WVU was granted some new downs.

Ok. Enough praise. Let’s watch a dumb kicker get slapped in the balls by an airborne man:

I don’t know what it is about a good ball-slapping that rekindles my love of sport, but here we are.

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