High Schooler Michael Porter’s Free Throw Line Dunk Will Drop Your Jaw (Video)

Michael Porter

Five-star high school basketball recruit Michael Porter showed exactly why he is a five-star recruit with this dunk. The 6’7″ sophomore is currently ranked the #4 recruit in his class, and you might expect his ranking to climb a little after this slam, starting from damn near the free throw line.

Is he the next Jordan? Don’t ask that question. The kid’s 16. But he shows a lot of promise and skill. And to be able to glide like that at 6’7″ could give a lot of defenses fits in college, and maybe even the pros.

Here’s the video. Watch Michael Porter get UP:

Looking forward to his highlight reel when he’s a senior, even though schools will likely be making them for him.

(Bonus points for noticing the kid who was thinking about taking the charge, then saw a knee coming to his face and thought, “Ohshitohshitohshit.” He did the right thing.)

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