Muhammed Ali’s Grandson Has A Pretty Sick HS Football Highlight Reel (Video)

Muhammed Ali's Grandson

One would expect Muhammed Ali’s grandson to be blessed with some physical prowess. And since boxing isn’t the sport it once was, it’s no wonder that Muhammed Ali‘s grandson, Biaggio Ali Walsh, excels in a different realm – high school football. The kid is ready to make the leap to college, and with that jump comes the requisite highlight reel. This one doesn’t cash in on his lineage the same way, I dunno, Randy Moss’s son’s did, but it’s no secret who this kid’s grandpa is.

Here’s the video:

Man, the production values on these videos is getting good. I think it’s just a matter of time before Wes Anderson starts putting together one for some baseball player in OK, or Tarantino does one for a judo recruit. Judo recruits are a thing, right?

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