Sacramento’s Accidental Experiment with 4-on-5 Defense Foiled by Reggie Evans Dunk Fail (Video)

kings 4-on-5 defense reggie evans dunk fail

Sacramento Kings owner Vivek Ranadive is a big fan of thinking outside the box. We learned this earlier this season, when word got out that he had pitched the notion of a 4-on-5 defense to the team’s brain trust, which would allow one player to remain back and cherry pick easy points.

Obviously, that’s a bit too wacky for the NBA right now, right? Well, maybe not. Last night the Kings actually did try out a 4-on-5 defense. The only question is whether they did it on purpose.

It certainly appeared as though the Kings went 4-on-5 against the Nets accidentally. In the second quarter, a Kings possession was terminated by a carrying call. After the whistle, at the 0:07 mark in the video below, you’ll see Reggie Evans saunter off the court and take a seat on the bench, because he thought he’d been subbed out.

Thing is, he hadn’t been subbed out. Reggie Evans was still technically in the game. And when he realized it—after the Nets missed a shot on their possession and the Kings came up with a defensive rebound—he got up and walked onto the court at the other end. Then he took a pass and went in for an easy dunk.

So the 4-on-5 defense works! Or it would have worked if Evans hadn’t blown the wide open dunk.

Take a look:

Is it possible that the Kings did this on purpose? That it was all a ruse? Probably not. But either way, it was a pretty rough sequence for Reggie Evans.

Hat Tip – [The Brooklyn Game]

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