Florida Player Jacob Kurtz Scores the Winning Basket for Florida State (Video)

Jacob Kurtz

Jacob Kurtz had a big night last night. In the final seconds of the FloridaFlorida State basketball game, the Florida player scored the winning basket…for Florida State. How did it happen? Dumb luck. He went up to grab a rebound on a desperation shot, and the ball bounced off the rim. Then it hit Jacob Kurtz in the hands. Then it went it. You can see Jacob Kurtz recoil in horror almost immediately as the Gators lost to the Noles 65-63.

Here’s the video. Feel his pain:

Also, enjoy the fact that this guy has a name that sounds more like a Heart of Darkness character than a Florida basketball player. Maybe he was predestined to fail.

Anyway, it’s not like this was some high profile rivalry game. OH WAIT. IT WAS. DAMMIT, JACOB.

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