Let’s Watch Justin Bieber Fall Down on a Skateboard (Video)

justin bieber fall down

Watching Justin Bieber fall down is a perfect way to end this year that saw the Canadian popstress go from heartthrob to Mayweather-like sociopath. It’s then no surprise that Bieber was constantly being photographed with his new buddy Money Mayweather. But now, at the end of 2014, we get to see Justin Bieber fall down in what appears to be a metaphor for his entire existence. He falls off of a skateboard, which is just one more stupid hobby this kid picked up that he can’t do very well. See also: boxing, singing, being a decent human being.

Here’s the asshat falling down. Yay!:

Why is wearing a tunic top, leather leggings, and bleached blonde hair, skateboarding in front of an audience? Who the hell really wants an answer to that. Let’s just enjoy watching the slow-motion trainwreck that is Justin Bieber’s life in 2015.

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