This Nasty Bike Crash Might Stop Your Heart (Video)

nasty bike crash

If ever there was a nasty bike crash to remind you that you should always wear a helmet…here it is. This guy, named Anthony, apparently, was in a time trial with some other cyclists. They were on the shoulder, and, seemingly out of nowhere, a metal pipe or fitting appears on the road and pretty much just gets digested by poor Anthony on his bike. The pipe locks up the front wheel instantly, and you’re left with a nasty bike crash that gives us the fun screencap above.

And this less fun, more horrifying video:

Oh dear God. The dodge by the cyclist three back is really impressive. Less cool is the scream you can hear at the very end. It’s not clear if that’s one of pain from Anthony or for help from the other riders. But not something you want to hear either way.

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