Ndamukong Suh Excuse for Stepping on Aaron Rodgers Is Weak

Ndamukong Suh excuse

Listen to this Ndamukong Suh excuse for why he stepped on Aaron Rodgers’ ankle with both feet, then stay on top of it for like half an hour. The Ndamukong Suh excuse was…his feet were numb from the cold and he couldn’t tell a person’s leg from the ground.

Jesus. Jesusjesusjesus. Just shut up, man. You got your punishment waived even though everyone knows you’re a sociopath. Just leave well enough alone, take the fine, lose your playoff game, then go bite someone’s forearm or something in 2015. But you don’t HAVE to talk about this. And you certainly can make a better excuse than that. You are like 600 lbs. I’m guessing at any given time, your body heat is ample enough to boil a lake. You don’t have cold ankles, and you certainly don’t have numb ankles.

What you have is a chronic desire to hurt people on the football field, and not in a fair, sporting way. Your punishment will come, because you clearly can’t stop doing this. But it unfortunately won’t come this Sunday.

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