Baylor Kicker Gets Demolished After a Blocked Field Goal (Video)

Baylor kicker

Poor kickers. If they’re ever called up0n to do anything other than kick, they’re on a huge stage, and don’t know what they’re doing. Last night in the Cotton Bowl, the Baylor kicker, Chris Callahan, after getting his kick blocked, did the right thing and chased down the ball, however, a Michigan State player put a bullseye on him, leaving his feet to lay down a vicious, but legal, block.

This video of the Baylor kicker getting laid out pretty much tells the whole story. You might want to wear a neck brace just after watching it:

In case you thought the Baylor kicker may have died from injuries, he sent out a pretty humorless tweet that actually was pretty damn funny.

He’s alive, folks. We can all get on with our lives. Thanks!

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