Citrus Bowl Fan Just Combing His Hair after Missouri TD (Video)

Citrus Bowl fan

I realize that it’s a little funny to identify someone as a “Citrus Bowl fan,” as I did in the headline. I mean, I don’t know anyone who is a fan of the venue and not the teams, but “Citrus bowl fan” seems to be the right descriptor here, as this kid doesn’t seem to have an allegiance to Missouri or Minnesota. The only thing this guy loves is having perfect hair. So when Missouri scored a TD this guy either celebrated or mourned by combing his hair. It’s hard to tell if this was a sad combing or a happy combing, because it’s all so matter-of-fact.

Take a look and judge for yourself. Happy-combing or sad-combing?:

I’m afraid with that tri-color shirt that looks like a propeller beanie that this kid might be TOO sexy. Tone it down, kid. We’re hear to watch football, not marvel at your otherworldly hair and shirt!

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