Several FSU Players Refuse To Shake Hands after Blowout Loss (Video)

FSU players

America wasn’t exactly lacking reasons not to like FSU or FSU players. However, they got one more on Sunday night at the end of the team’s playoff loss against Oregon. After the blowout, several FSU players left the field without shaking hands with the opposing team, as is tradition.

Kirk Herbstreit took notice of this behavior and spoke to it during the telecast, saying:

Glad to Jameis Winston, a leader of this team, stuck it out. Over half the Florida State team, right into the locker room, didn’t come across. Jimbo Fisher shakes hands. That’s disappointing that 70% of the Florida State team is in the locker room. It’s easy to go across when you win a game and shake hands. You lose a game after 29 games and you can’t come over and shake hands with an Oregon player and tell them congratulations? Rashad Greene’s doing it.

Herbstreit seemed to be putting it more diplomatically than a lot of the FSU haters would.

I understand that they hadn’t lost in almost three seasons, but they had the whole second half to prepare to be gracious losers. You’d think their coach would have had a little more control over them,

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