Ohio State Trick Play Sends the Ball from One WR to Another for TD (Videos)

Ohio State trick play

An Ohio State trick play took everyone off guard and got the Buckeyes six quick points before heading to the lockers for halftime in their playoff game against Alabama. Nonetheless, OSU receiver Michael Thomas had to perform some gymnastics to stay in bounds. He was able to, however, creating what was likely the biggest highlight of the game.

The play started with OSU QB handing off to Jalin Marshall, who pitched the ball to Evan Spencer, who threw the ball to Michael Thomas. Lots of opportunities for things to go wrong, but they all went according to plan, resulting in a perfectly executed Ohio State trick play and a quick TD drive to end the half.

Here’s a video of the play:

And a close-up, showing that there’s some green between Thomas’ shoe and the sideline.

In a game that was hotly-contested until the end, this play, in hindisght, may have been do or die for the Buckeyes.

They chose “do.”

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