Did Florida RB Adam Lane Soil His Pants During the Birmingham Bowl? (Video)

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Florida Gators running back Adam Lane had an impressive outing at the Birmingham Bowl earlier today as he rushed for 109 yards and a touchdown to help lead his team to a 28-20 victory over the East Carolina Pirates. But we doubt anyone will be talking abut that.

Why, you ask?  Well for starters, it was the Birmingham Bowl, which 99% of the American population probably didn’t even know existed.  And perhaps even more importantly, his solid performance will likely be overshadowed by the brown stain seen on the back of his pants following his second quarter touchdown.

Could this be nothing more than an unfortunately placed mud stain?  We doubt it.

Here’s a photo via Deadspin that shows a towel wrapped around Adam Lane’s pants shortly after the TD—likely the work of a Gators trainer who was helping Lane cover up his fresh poop stain:

Adam Lane soil pants

And here’s a pic of Lane with a fresh new pair of pants:

Lane with new pants

Ewwwwww. Gross.

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