NFL Ref Pete Morelli Does His Best To Explain That Cowboys Non-Call (Pic)

Pete Morelli

You probably don’t know the name Pete Morelli, but you should have sympathy for him. This poor soul was the one charged with making sense of the Anthony Hitchens-Brandon Pettigrew pass interference play that resulted in a flag, a removed flag, and a lot of confused fans.

Considered by many to be the turning point of the game, in the fourth quarter Hitchens was covering Pettigrew with his back to the ball and was flagged for pass interference, only to have the flag pulled and no penalty assessed well after Pete Morelli had announced the call to the fans in the stands and those watching at home, much to the benefit of the hometown Cowboys.

So what happened?

Per Pete Morelli, who was also the head official for this NFC Wild Card match-up, the call was actually “face guarding,” which, despite its sinister-sounding name, isn’t a penalty in the NFL.

Here’s a photo of the official explanation:


I doubt this makes the Lions fans feel any better, but you know what should make them feel even worse? Supporting a team that couldn’t muster more than two field goals in the final three quarters of a playoff game.


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