Ronnie Price Open Dunk Goes Horribly, Horribly Wrong (Video)

Ronnie Price dunk

If you’re searching for a play that represents the Lakers’ season, this Ronnie Price dunk might do the trick.

But don’t read TOO much into it. If you’re going deep enough with the symbolism to see a suggestion that the Lakers are screwing up a sure thing this season, you’ve gone too far. Basically, the dunk just represents the Lakers sucking. It’s not a terribly layered metaphor, but it’s a metaphor nonetheless. It narrowly beats out this Ronnie Price play as a barometer for the Lakers’ season.

This Ronnie Price dunk was coming along nicely right until the part where he started to dunk it. Moving the ball from the floor to the rim started off nasty, as he had some difficulty palming it.  And then things just go flat-out sideways.

Check it out and don’t stare right at it:

Oh, man. Kobe is NOT going to be happy about that. But Kobe’s not really happy about anything these days.

I never thought anyone would say this of a dunk attempt, but maybe Price should have just gone with a weak, soft layup.

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