Steve Levy and Scott Van Pelt Gave This Stuart Scott SportsCenter Tribute (Video)

SportsCenter tribute

Another touching SportsCenter tribute was given on the late run of the show last night as Scott van Pelt and Steve Levy joined together to offer a touching memorial to their peer, Stuart Scott.

Stuart Scott died at the age of 49 this weekend after a battle with cancer. The sentiments were brief, but the SportsCenter tribute was made all the more touching by the empty desk that was illuminated, representing the loss of one of ESPN’s own.

Rather than sum up their thoughts, it’s probably best to just offer the video, as this isn’t the type of thing that you want to paraphrase:

It wasn’t overboard, but ESPN is also in a curious position here. The network is the foremost sports news network in the world, but also must be mindful that it loses objectivity when paying respect to one of its own. So far, I don’t think anyone would criticize the Worldwide Leader for their work here, but it’s also a safe bet that the network has erred on the side of brevity thus far. ┬áMaybe we can expect a bigger production in the future.


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