There Was Some Accidental Nudity at Canada’s World Junior Championship Celebration, Courtesy of Alex Bilodeau (Pics)

accidental nudity alex bilodeau naked canadian juniors champion locker room

In the center of this photograph, wearing a black coat and holding the IIHF World Junior Championship trophy, is Canadian Olympian Alex Bilodeau. He won gold in men’s moguls at the 2010 Vancouver Games, then repeated as champion at the 2014 Sochi Games. So he’s kind of a Canadian sports hero, which is why he was able to get into the locker room and party with Team Canada after they beat Russia for the World Junior title in Toronto on Monday night.

Unfortunately, this is not the version of this photo Bilodeau posted to Twitter and Facebook last night. The version he posted was a wide-angled shot that included some accidental nudity—namely, the bare butt of 19-year-old defenseman Samuel Morin. The 6’7″ St-Henri, Quebec, native just happened to be undressing in front of his locker when Bilodeau had his picture taken. And Bilodeau failed to notice the pasty white bottom in the background before he posted it.

accidental nudity alex bilodeau naked canadian juniors champion locker room copy


Obviously, Bilodeau removed Morin’s naked butt as soon as he realized what had happened, replacing it with a sufficiently cropped photo. However, he didn’t acknowledge or apologize for the blunder, apparently deciding to pretend it just didn’t happen.

It definitely did happen, though.

Hat Tip – [Global News]

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