Darts Player Adrian Lewis Hits Rare “Nine-Darter” Perfect Game at World Championships, Still Loses (Video)

adrian lewis nine-darter perfect game

You probably have no idea what a “nine-darter” (aka “nine-dart finish”) is. I certainly didn’t until I looked it up on (where else?) Wikipedia. Basically, it’s the darts equivalent of a perfect game in which a player gets to 510 points in the fewest throws possible. Which is nine.

There are, of course, a number of combinations by which a darts player can hit a nine-darter. But whatever the combination, it’s extremely difficult to achieve. And for that reason, until December 30, 2014, there had only been seven nine-darters in the 20-year-history of the PDC World Darts Championships.

The eighth? That came courtesy of two-time champion Adrian Lewis in a quarterfinal match against Raymond von Barneveld. Take a look:

As you can tell by the excitement of the announcers, that was an extremely impressive feat. Unfortunately, it came in the fifth game of the first set. And in competitive darts, you have to win a set number of best-of-five sets to win a match. So while this nine-darter may have won the first set for Adrian Lewis, he went on to lose the match, 4-3.


Hat Tip – [Daily Mail]

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