Cowboys Fan Goes Ballistic on Woman After Wild Card Win (Video)

Cowboys fan

Watch this Cowboys fan shower a nearby female friend in a torrent of profanity after his team was able to stop the Detroit Lions on a crucial fourth-down with one-minute remaining in their 24-20 Wild Card victory.

This foul-mouthed Cowboys fan, clad in a Jason Witten jersey, lets loose a string of f-bombs that would make Martin Scorsese blush. And this was in celebration. I wonder how dirty his mouth gets in defeat. He probably would wreck his house or something.

Here’s a clip of his “celebration”:

He probably let loose after that flag got picked up as well.

Dear God, I hope there weren’t any children in the room when this Cowboys fan let loose on his female friend. As if the Cowboys weren’t unlikeable enough, now there’s this guy to help with their PR damage control.

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