Johnny Manziel Heckled, Has Drink Thrown At Him at Dallas Bar (Pics)

Johnny Manziel Heckled at club

Opposing defenses didn’t seem to give Johnny Manziel much respect on the field during his short stint as the Cleveland Browns starter, and now that attitude towards Johnny Football is following him off the field as well.

Back in November, it was an adoring fan that set off a late night brawl at a Cleveland apartment complex involving Johnny Football’s entourage.

On Sunday at the Dekan nightclub in Houston, it was a completely different story, as J.R. from Sticky Promotions told TMZ that he saw Johnny Manziel heckled by some dudes in the club, and he was also by the quarterback’s side when they began throwing drinks at him after Manziel flipped off his haters (see image above).

Security at the club quickly got Johnny Football, J.R., and the rest of the entourage out of the club before things got ugly.  After retreating to their hotel room to change their clothes, Johnny and his boys were assured that the culprits had been removed from the club and they were able to rejoin the party without further incident.

Here’s another image that shows Johnny Manziel before and after the drink-throwing incident—hence the different shirts:

Johnny Manziel heckled Dallas night club

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