Keith Olbermann’s Stuart Scott Tribute Was Pretty Moving (Video)

keith olbermann stuart scott tribute

There have been a number of moving pieces about Stuart Scott since the sports world learned of the ESPN stalwart’s passing on Sunday morning. However, the Stuart Scott tribute we got from the normally pugnacious Keith Olbermann last night might be the best yet.

The segment started with a clip of Scott’s first ever appearance on ESPN2, on a show starring Olbermann and Suzy Kolber. After that, Olbermann explains that while everybody knows about his former colleague’s personal courage, not many know about his professional courage. Then KO busts out a story about the time an ESPN executive ordered Scott to stop using all the colorful lingo and phrases for which he would eventually become famous—because most of their audience didn’t understand it. (Or in other words, because he sounded too black.) Then Olbermann talked about Scott’s brave response to that order.

Of course, Olbermann is not a guy who lets his guard down and softens up. So there were no tears during his Stuart Scott story. But it was moving nonetheless.

Have a look:

Stuart Scott was a powerful voice in sports. He certainly will be missed.

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