The 9 Most Successful Playoff Quarterbacks of All Time

most successful playoff quarterbacksThe list of the most successful playoff Quarterbacks in NFL history very closely mirrors what many would consider to be a list of the best quarterbacks in the game’s history. Except for #9, Joe Flacco. What the hell is he doing there? The most successful playoff quarterbacks are the most iconic for a reason. It’s the clutch leadership in the late playoffs. The durability. The consistency. It’s pretty hard to argue with any of these entries. Sure, there might be a couple that maybe, possibly you would put on the bubble, but for the most part, the list of the most successful playoff quarterbacks just reads like the most successful NFL Quarterbacks. And that’s probably a good thing. Because we don’t want any players wining Super Bowls who don’t deserve it.

Here are the nine most successful playoff quarterbacks in NFL history.

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