U.K. Hockey Player Uses His Helmet as a Weapon (Video)

U.K. hockey player

A U.K. hockey player turned a run of the mill fight into a display of awesomeness after he resorted to taking his helmet and chucking it at his opponent. To the U.K. hockey player’s credit, he did get speared, so all bets were off.

This exchange came from the Elite Hockey League in the U.K., which makes me think that maybe they’re not all that elite over there. Elite players use their fists.

This fight has a villain, revenge, underhanded tactics, and savage warfare all rolled into one. Joe Grimaldi of Edinburgh put a high hit on Evan Mosey of Nottingham. And when Mosey’s teammate looked to stand up for him, Grimaldi went after that player as well.

Just…just watch (beginning at around the 5:42 mark):

If you’re throwing a helmet, you’ve likely lost the war, but it’s still fun to see this Grimaldi guy resort to every last tactic.

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