Barack Obama Would Have Been ‘Aggravated’ If He Was a Lions Fan

Barack Obama Lions fan

Barack Obama endeared himself to the Detroit Lions fanbase by saying that he would have been “aggravated” with the blown calls that led to the Dallas Cowboys mounting a late-game comeback to win Sunday’s Wild Card Game.

Of course, the way this headline reads, it just seems like being a Lions fan all by itself is aggravating, which is also kinda true. But you know what’s also aggravating? Watching Ndamukong Suh step on people and not be properly punished.

So there’s lots of aggravation floating around.

Here’s our President’s quote in the proper context, via The Detroit News:

“…remember a circumstance in which a good call by one of the refs is argued about by an opposing player of the other team with his helmet off on the field, which in and of itself is supposed to be a penalty. The call is announced and then reversed without explanation. I haven’t seen that before — so I will leave it up to the experts to make the judgment as to why that happen — but I can tell you if I was a Lions fan I’d be pretty aggravated.”

Great. Barack Obama just gave Lions fans validation for their complaining for the next six months. I’m not saying they didn’t deserve to be aggravated, but this is just the President giving them carte blanche.

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