Watch This Basketball Ref Take a Phone Call During a Game (Video)

basketball ref

In case you thought the basketball refs in the NBA were bad, we’ve got the king of bad basketball refs right here.

This dude not only has his cell phone on him (unconscionable!), but he uses it to talk during several possessions of a live game. Thank God no one was betting on this youth basketball game or they would have been really upset!

I wonder who he was talking to. It matters, because if it was his doctor with test results, it’s a little more forgivable. If it was a buddy talking smack about their fantasy football league, it’s somewhat less excusable. If he was ordering Thai food, it falls somewhere in the middle.

Here’s a clip. That gym gets surprisingly good reception:

No word on the performance of the basketball ref during the game, but it was a bunch of little kids, so I doubt anyone in the stands was really looking up from their phone to pay attention. Looks like this basketball ref committed the perfect crime.

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