Kentucky Lady Raises the Roof, Goes “Whoo,” Single-Handedly Preventing Major Upset (GIF)

kentucky lady raises the roof

John Calipari needs to send a little thank you note to the Kentucky lady you see in the photo above.

On Tuesday night, the top-ranked Wildcats, a team that many observers said wouldn’t lose a single game all season, nearly lost their SEC-opener against Ole Miss. Ole Miss! The Rebs stayed right there with the Wildcats the entire game. When it looked like UK was about to start pulling away—like when they took a 75-70 lead with two and a half minutes left in the game—Ole Miss bounced right back. Then, with just under a minute to play, the Rebs took a 77-76 lead, and the Wildcats were in serious danger of losing a game.

So what saved them? It wasn’t anything coach Calipari drew on his clipboard. It was this Kentucky lady. She inspired the Wildcats with her amazing “raise the roof” dance and passionate whooooooing, they tied the game, and then finished off the upstart Rebels in overtime.

Take a look:

So yeah, Calipari needs to write this woman a note. And if Kentucky does go on to an undefeated championship season, he should make her the guest of honor at the championship parade.

Hat Tip – [@CJZero]

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