Matthew Stafford Mic’d Up During Picked Up Pass Interference Flag (Video)

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When know what the NFL thought about the officiating during Sunday’s Wild Card Game between the Detroit Lions and the Dallas Cowboys.  We know what Barack Obama thinks about it as well.

And now we can tell you what the Lions quarterback thought about the picked up pass interference call, too, because the league had Matthew Stafford mic’d up for the important playoff match-up.

So what exactly did Stafford think of the picked-up flag?  Pretty much what every other non-Cowboys fan thought about it, as he could be heard uttering “How does that get overturned?…Congratulations. It’s unbelievable.”

After punting the ball away, Stafford continued his protest with the officials on the sideline, saying “I’ve never in the history seen one turned over. Congratulations, man. First time in history that’s happened.” And finally, after realizing his complaint had fallen on deaf ears, Stafford could be heard uttering the words “home cookin’.”

If you’d like to hear everything that was said, you can watch the footage of Matthew Stafford mic’d up following the controversial picked-up pass interference flag in the video at the top of this page.

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