Seahawks Fans Post Craigslist Ad for Flip Cup Opponents…at 6 AM

seahawks fans

Some really die-hard Seahawks fans are looking for some new blood for their flip cup matches. But you better be a morning person if you’re going to join them, because they’re looking to kick things off at about 6 AM.

These early riser Seahawks fans will then commence a best-of-seven tournament, and you might be lucky enough to join them. You can read the hilarious ad here, which prominently features a screenshot from You Got Served.

They claim they need to be there (on First Ave, near the Krispy Kreme, duh) at 6AM to save a tailgating spot. I’m not sure how quickly these spots get taken, but I’m pretty sure if you need to be there at 6 AM, you don’t need to be drinking.

Also, just so we’re all on the same page, the game starts at 5:15 Pacific Time, so ¬†you’ll be able to get in a good ten hours or so of flip cup to loosen up before the game.

Here’s the contents of the entire ad:

We’re a group of 4 die-hard tailgating hawk fans looking to play a best of 7 world series style game of flip cup at about 6am Saturday morning. Because #1 We are saving the tailgating spot and #2 We’re sick of playing each other flip cup* (* #2 may or may not be true).

There will be 4 of us and we need groups of 4. Bonus points if you are female simply because they asked one of the single guys in the group to post this and that’s what you fucking do on Craigslist. You ask for females.

Coincidentally, I’m also the least attractive in the lot, so if that’s an issue you suck at flip cup anyway.

Anyway, I’m digressing. I’m sorry that I’m not sorry.

We’re good at flip cup. In fact, better than you plus 3 of your friends. We are Richard Sherman, you are fucking Skip Bayless. We are Russell Wilson, you are Colin Kaepernick. We are the WWII Allies and you are the fucking Axis. We are the East Compton Clovers, you are the Rancho Carne Toros.

We are better. Period.

Reasons why you should join us for 6am flip cup:

1. You will lose.
2. We will provide the beer and cups
3. You can tell your friends you played flip cup at like 6am with strangers via Facebook.
4. Said post will generate a minimum of 15 likes, be honest, your engagement announcement
generated 12 and 4 were you and your fiance’s parents.
5. All of the above and “more”.

What’s “more”? Come FIND OUT.

Location will be revealed once we gauge how serious you are. Otherwise, you’d steal our sweet tailgating spot. We can’t have that.

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