10 Championship Prediction Tattoos That Were WAY Off

championship prediction tattoos broncos super bowl tattoo

In recent years we have seen a pretty dramatic spike in championship prediction tattoos. Maybe advances in tattoo removal procedures are causing more people to throw caution to the wind. Maybe fans are drunk on social media and looking for their 15 mintues of fame. Or maybe their just drunk on booze.

Whatever the case, every year more and more fans get tattoos predicting their team will win a championship. And every year, more and more fans are made to look like idiots when their team does not actually win the championship. 

Today, we’re going to take a look at some of these hilarious incorrect championship prediction tattoos…and make fun of the idiots who paid money to have them to permanently inscribed on their epidermis.

And by all means, if you know someone with a misguided championship prediction tattoo and want the internet to make fun of them, please, post a photo in the comments section.


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