Beau Bennett Videobomb Totally Upstages Pierre McGuire and Brandon Sutter (Video)

beau bennett videobomb

The Penguins and Bruins went to overtime on NBC Sports’ “Wednesday Night Rivalry” this week, and it was a pretty good game. However, the best part of the entire broadcast was probably still the Beau Bennett videobomb.

Seriously, there is nothing as pointless as an in-game interview with a hockey player. It’s nothing but clich├ęs and stupid hockey nicknames. (“Well, Pellsy and I just knew if we got the puck to Millsy he’d put the puck in the net, and that’s what he did.”) Not even a smart hockey guy journalist like McGuire can make them good. So nobody watching at home really cared that he was interviewing Penguins center Brandon Sutter.

Fortunately, Penguins winger Beau Bennett was there to make things interesting. Take a look:

That is a quality videobomb. And it’s not just the goofy face, either. It’s Bennett’s instinctive sense for what the camera is doing. Look at the way he slides over when he realized they’ve zoomed in for a tighter shot. You can’t teach that.

If things don’t work out for Bennett in the NHL, with his TV sense he can make an easy transition to the broadcast studio.

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