Charles Barkley Explains Why He’s No Longer Friends With Jordan (Video)

Charles Barkley

Charles Barkley explaining something is always a good time. Especially when that thing is why the Chuckster and his polar opposite peer, Michael Jordan, aren’t really pals anymore.

Barkley thinks it likely stems from some criticism he made of Jordan’s ownership on Inside the NBA. More specifically, here’s what Charles Barkley said was the reason their friendship grounded to a halt:

“I think [Jordan] was offended by some things I said about him on television. One of the reasons I don’t trust the media is you can’t have a double standard for guys you like and dislike. I said Michael wasn’t doing a good job — he’s doing a great job now, [the Charlotte Hornets have] gotten better, they’ve made some great signings — but they weren’t doing good and I thought he didn’t have good people around him.”

And in case you think I’m misquoting him, we’ve got the video as well:

Who can stay mad at Charles? Hopefully Jordan will at least respect Charles Barkley and his decision to acknowledge the issue, and 19% of the Dream Team can reunite. I mean, they both golf, right? They can get together in Phoenix or wherever they hang out and hit the links. MEND YOUR RELATIONSHIP, FELLAS.

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