Clippers Mop Guy Steals the Show with Some Sick Dance Moves (Video)

Clippers mop guy

Oh, man. If it wasn’t for his creepy-ass stare, I would say this Clippers mop guy was going to be a star. But after watching his lustful, perverted eyes, I think he’s going to be a sex offender.

However, he DOES have some undeniable dance moves, and he sure does emit a vibe of, uh…passion?

Steve Ballmer, seated just in the background, could take a few notes from this kid. Steve Ballmer is a terrible dancer, but at least he doesn’t rape you with his eyes like this Clippers mop guy does.

Check it out here:

I haven’t seen mop-focused dance moves that good since…well, since this:

Ok. Chappelle’s was way better, but this kid is doing a pretty fine job as well. Just ditch the Bible salesman haircut, kid. It’s confusing when combined with those looks.

Further adding to the confusion is the smile he gives at the end of his little dip. He looks like a Newsy or a Swing Kid or something when he does it.

He’s a good dancer, but this kid is all over the map, image-wise.

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