Roman Polak Takes a Puck to the Face, Returns With Swollen Cheek (Pic + Video)

Roman Polak puck to the face

Roman Polak probably thought things couldn’t get any worse for he and his Toronto Maple Leafs teammates heading into last night’s game against the Washington Capitals at the Air Canada Centre.  His team entered the contest with just two wins in their last nine games, their head coach had just been fired, and many people both inside and outside the organization were beginning to questions the team’s players and their ability to win and be coached.

Well, things did get worse for Polak last night, and it didn’t take long, either.

Midway through the first period, with the Capitals already leading by a goal, Roman Polak’s face was on the receiving end of a Troy Brouwer slap shot, which left the Leafs defenseman laying bloodied on the ice.

You can watch it happen below:

To most, that would seem like the type of injury that would keep a player out for a significant amount of time.  But Roman Polak is a hockey player, so his swollen, stitched-up face was back on the Leafs bench for the second period so that he could take part in the rest of his team’s embarrassing 6-2 loss.

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