Count Your Teeth After Watching This Skateboard Wipeout Clip (Video)

skateboard wipeout

This skateboard wipeout video is elegant in its simplicity. At six seconds long, it gets the point across quickly and powerfully. I mean, it’s not like we need to know about this dude’s relationship with his father, or his thoughts on Homeland Security. He tries to slide down a really long stair rail, and it doesn’t go very well.

This screencap of the skateboard wipeout catches our hero about halfway through his fall. Things don’t look good for him, eh? Well, they get worse.

Watch the damn video and see for yourself:

Ouch, right? Ouch.

Adding to the horror of this clip is the fact that you can hear his agonizing scream over the crappy skater music in the video. It’s got a chilling psychological effect that makes this skateboard wipeout even worse, somehow.

Anyway, the guy died from his injuries here about six hours later. Pretty dark, huh?

Just kidding. I’m sure he’s fine. Probably just had some stitches and scars, but that’s it.

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