Let This Waterslide Surfer Girl Hypnotize You with Her Jiggling (Video)

Brazilian Waterslide Surfer Girl

If you only read one “article” about a waterslide surfer girl (not the catchiest name, but what the hell do you call this?), make sure it’s this one.

This video is best experienced with no context, mostly because I don’t have any, but also because there isn’t any explanation out there that would cause this to make sense.

This girl is belly (body?) surfing on a waterslide that is causing her ample butt to become one with the water, moving back and forth.

This waterslide surfer girl could be used as a tool in hypnosis. Watch this video with the sound off:

You’re getting sleep, aren’t you? Kinda relaxed? It’s ok. As long as you’re not driving or holding a kid, just let the feeling wash over you, like the water that washes over this girl and her giant rear.

It’s important to carve out a few minutes a day to find some serenity. This is that time.

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