‘A Gronking to Remember’ is No Longer Available on Amazon

A Gronking to Remember Erotic Novel

If you were hoping to purchase some Rob Gronkowski erotica literature for yourself or that special someone in your life, but you haven’t had the opportunity yet, we have some very bad news for you: Amazon has pulled ‘A Gronking to Remember’ from its e-shelves.

The reason?  According to sources, someone—most likely the NFL and/or the New England Patriots—objected to the use of the Rob Gronkowski image on the cover that shows the Patriots tight end in a jersey that sports the “MHK” patch that was a tribute to the late Myra Kraft, wife of Pats owner Robert Kraft.

After her book was pulled, author Lacey Noonan told the Boston Globe, “I didn’t understand at the outset that Robert Kraft wouldn’t want Myra Kraft and her philanthropical works associated with this. Total newbie ignorance on my part. I believe — and hope — that’s the only problem anyone has with the book since it is such obvious satire and parody.”

Let’s hope this doesn’t cause a delay in the release of the second book from the “Rob Gronkowski Erotica Series.”

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