Charles Barkley and Kenny Smith Discuss Pubic Hair on ‘Inside the NBA’ (Video)

Charles Barkley and Kenny Smith

Charles Barkley and Kenny Smith are known to take the NBA on TNT studio show Inside the NBA in weird, hilarious places. And while this might not have been the most random all-time conversation between Charles Barkley and Kenny Smith, it’s a contender for the best one of the year so far.

This video doesn’t offer a lot of context, but it does have Smith asking Barkley where he gets waxed. And I don’t mean like “Which salon?” More like, “Where on your body?”

Mercifully, we don’t get an answer, but we do get Kenny asking Charles if he’s a “landing strip guy,” and I don’t think they’re talking about planes.


I can’t think of any information I’d like to know less than the state of Charles Barkley’s pubic hair. But that’s just the charm of Inside the NBA, isn’t it? Anyone can show me a highlight of a Stephen Curry crossover. But how many people can make me gag and laugh at the same time during an NBA halftime show?

Charles Barkely and Kenny Smith. That’s who.

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