Lions Fans Pooled Cash to Buy “Detroit Lyin” Anti-Ref Billboards (Pic)

Detroit Lyin

In case you were wondering, things in Detroit are completely fine, and the best thing Lions fans could spend some money on is a “Detroit Lyin” billboard, which is intended to be critical of a sports thing that happened last week against the Cowboys that can no longer be fixed.

Meanwhile, this NY Times article from last March suggests that there are 40,000 abandoned buildings that Detroit can’t afford to tear down.

Also, the billboard is this really fun play on the Detroit Lions name that insinuates the refs are “lyin'” with their crappy calls. They weren’t exactly “lyin’,” but the pun works, so why let the definition of a word stop a delightful pun?

Here’s another one of the dumb “Detroit Lyin” billboards:

Detroit Lyin 2

There’s no call to action here, just a proclamation that Lions and Lions fans were screwed. We already know all that guys. There have been a few articles and discussions about it in the media since last Sunday.

However, this does send a powerful message to the NFL and its officials: “If you make some bad calls, we’ll whine about it and put up a billboard with a labored pun in our own distressed city.”

Bet the league thinks twice before they give the ole f*ck-job to Lions fans next time!



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