John Harbaugh Calls Out Peter King for Never Choosing Ravens to Win (Video)

John Harbaugh calls out Peter King

Today in petty feuds, we’ve got a killer one for ya as John Harbaugh calls out Peter King after King once again picked against the Ravens, who knocked off the Steelers in last week’s Wild Card game.

At least there was some levity when John Harbaugh called out Peter King after the game. I mean, I’m sure Harbaugh went home to add King to his “People to Kill” list, but it seemed jovial enough at the time—except for Harbaugh not even waiting to hear the answer before he turned his back and walked off.

Come to think of it, this exchange wasn’t lighthearted at all. It just seemed that way because Harbaugh was smiling.

Here’s the video:

Awk-ward! Who’s willing to bet that Peter King picks the Ravens to go 16-0 next year, just to avoid pissing off Harbaugh.

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