Mario Balotelli Really Likes Macking Teenage Girls on Instagram (Pics)

mario balotteli instagram

Everybody figured Mario Balotelli was going to get into trouble on Instagram when he signed up about nine months ago.

Everybody was right.

This is not to say Mario Balotelli is not very good at Instagram. He is, and has been since his very first post. You should definitely follow him. But last month he got in trouble with the English Football Association for posting an offensive meme on his account. And now he’s been outed by some random Icelandic dude for hitting on his girlfriend.

Take a look:

In case you don’t read Icelandic, that tweet reads, “The moment Balotelli tries to steal my girlfriend 🙁 #WhatShouldIDo?” We don’t know if Jonotan discovered the conversation on his own, or if Maria came home one day and was like, “you’ll never guess who just DMed me on Instagram!” But according to interviews he’s given, the couple is still together and there are no hard feelings.

As for Mario, since he had to ask Maria to unlock her photos, he had no way of knowing that she had a boyfriend. He just saw the little thumbnail profile pic, thought she was hot, and took a shot in the dark.

In fact, that’s something Mario does with Icelandic girls a lot. After the above tweet went viral, another Icelandic beauty came forward and shared her experiences with Mario:

mario balotelli macking on instagram

And in fairness to Mario, Margret is extremely hot.

Still, Mario should probably tone his Instagram game down a bit. You don’t want to become a joke.

Hat Tip – [Deadspin]

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