Aaron Rodgers Yells Out ‘New York Bozo’ as an Audible at the Line (Video)

New York bozo

New York Bozo was the appropriately goofy war cry of Aaron Rodgers and the Packers on Sunday afternoon.

Okay. So maybe “New York Bozo” is just an audible or hot route call, but it’s a pretty funny thing to hear/say on the field in any context. Unless there was an actual clown wearing a Yankees cap and driving an IROC Camaro, there’s never a need for the three words “New York Bozo” to be together, especially during a football game.

That is why it’s so damn brilliant. Nobody wants to hurt a guy who’s spouting off gibberish, and that phrase is definitely gibberish. See for yourself:

Sure, Midwesterners may not care for big city-types, but that’s not a reason to start preaching hate on the field. There are just as many bozos in the midwest as there are any other place.

Meanness aside, I guess it’s not silly if it works, and Green Bay won, so…

New York Bozo.

Hat Tip – [FanSided]

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