AJ Hawk Challenges Ref’s Spot with a Wanking Gesture (Video)

AJ Hawk

AJ Hawk might not have a red challenge flag to throw, but that just means that he’ll find another way to voice his criticisms of the refs.

In this particular instance, the Packers linebacker decided to contest the ref’s spot of the ball by secretly performing a “wanking” gesture. Nice try AJ, but your objection was overruled.

I don’t know if he knew that maybe 10 million people would be watching him do that, but if he did, he probably also knew that unlike the refs, the viewers can’t levy a fifteen-yard unsportsmanlike conduct penalty on him.

Take a look. It looks like he’s just going through the motions. Sell it harder, AJ Hawk. You’ve done this sort of thing before:

Maybe AJ Hawk was miming throwing dice, and he was just discussing with his defense a possible trip to Vegas in February. He looks like a big craps fan…

Nah. He was doing the wanking thing. But just subtly enough that I don’t think he’ll get fined. Nice work, AJ.


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