Thomas Davis’ Visor Has the Carolina Panthers Logo On It (Pic)

Carolina Panthers logoIf you were watching the Saturday NFC  Divisional Round game between the Panthers and the Seahawks, you were probably inundated with the Carolina Panthers logo.

Sure, it wasn’t on the field, but NFL teams don’t exactly shy away from slapping logos on stuff. So it seems a little over-the-top to do whatever the hell it took to get the Carolina Panthers logo on Thomas Davis‘ visor. It’s barely even noticeable, but I guess that sort of easter egg-y approach is why we’re talking about it.

I can’t imagine why the Carolina Panthers logo needs to be on the visor, but I can’t really speak to why logos are on 90% of the things they are, so…whatever.

Here’s the Tweet that broke the “news” to us:

See it? Just barely? Can you make out the logo? Even if you can’t, you have to be asking yourself how many logos the NFL is showing us that we don’t even realize.

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