Tony Romo Closes His Eyes While Throwing When He’s Rushed (Video)

tony romo closes his eyes

I’m sure there are lots of instances when Tony Romo closes his eyes, and they’re all totally cool. When he’s washing his hair, waking up with a hangover, or maybe doing some light sanding.

However, if Tony Romo closes his eyes every time he’s being rushed by a defensive player, that’s something opposing teams could probably exploit.

Of course, we might be rushing to judgment, and a cursory review (which I refuse to perform) of his past throws would clear this all up. But I’m totally cool thinking that Tony Romo just closes his eyes every time he hears footsteps coming his way. And that’s understandable, even for NFL quarterbacks. I mean, if bracing to take a hit affords the QB even a split second longer in the pocket, then it might be a good thing.

But man, does it look like a bad thing:

Classic Romo.

Lucky for him, in this instance it worked.  His pass, which was intended for Dez Bryant, would fall incomplete, but it also drew a pass interference flag on the Packers.

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