9 Cases of Athletes Caught Snacking on the Field

athletes caught snacking on the field (marshawn lynch skittles)

Today, we’re going to take a look at athletes caught snacking during a game. And I’m not talking endurance athletes eating bananas to stave off cramps, or little kid soccer players eating orange slices at halftime. I’m talking about athletes caught snacking on foods you do not associate with people in peak physical condition at times that are questionable if not flat out inappropriate.

Of course, it’s probably unfair to single these people out. There are surely more instances of athletes eating during games than we could possibly count—especially in the olden days, before every fan on earth had a high-definition video camera in his or her pocket. But the athletes on this list were noticed, and in some cases made the butt of many jokes.

Take a look. And, as always, if there’s anybody we left off, by all means let us hear about it in the comment section.


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