Aaron Rodgers Flashed a Gang Sign at the Line, Reps His Wisconsin Hood (Tweet and Pic)

Aaron Rodgers Flashed a Gang Sign

Amid the madness of the Cowboys-Packers game, Aaron Rodgers flashed a gang sign at the line of scrimmage, likely to kick off a nationwide turf war.  Or perhaps he was just making an adjustment to a play and picked an unfortunate sign to go along with it.

It appears to be the “westside” sign made famous by rap supergroup Westside Connection, but also used by thousands of gang members looking to differentiate themselves from their east coast counterparts. This goes a long way to explaining that “New York Bozo” call, too.

Does this mean that Aaron Rodgers was an instrumental party in the deaths of 2Pac and Biggie? Absolutely. There is zero question after seeing this that Aaron Rodgers ordered both murders, and he was likely strong-arming or blackmailing Suge Knight to take the fall.

Here’s a tweet. Look at how comfortable Rodgers appears to be while flashing his gang sign:

That look on his face is far more interesting than the sign itself. Why does Aaron Rodgers always look like he’s just realizing that he parked in a tow-away zone, or he left his front door wide open? His game face makes him look like a character from Fargo.

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