Warriors’ Draymond Green Throws Grapes at Seahawks Fans (Video)

Draymond Green throws grapes Seahawks

After beating the Cleveland Cavaliers on Friday for their seventh-straight victory, the Golden State Warriors were given a well-deserved rest ahead of Tuesday’s road contest against the Utah Jazz.

With three days off between games, Draymond Green and die-hard Carolina Panthers fan Stephen Curry decided to take some friends and family members with them to Saturday evening’s NFC Divisional Round game between the Panthers and Seahawks in Seattle. And I’ve got no clue which NBA team the citizens of Seattle cheer for these days—now that their SuperSonics have been gone for over six years—but I’ll bet it’s not the Golden State Warriors.

We’re not sure what happened in the two hours prior to the start of this video recording, but whatever it was, it caused Curry’s wife and mother to get into a shouting match with members of the 12th man—all the while Draymond Green throws grapes at the fans from his private box.

Big deal? Green doesn’t seem to think so.  He was even kind enough to provide some clarification regarding exactly what it was he threw:

Hat Tip – [TMZ]


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